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May 22, 2009

The time is simply NOW .

February 18, 2009

Yes .. the time is now . The time is simply NOW .
The solution is so obvious and simple that looks something funny .

The difficulty has always existed for everyone , and always will be here . I speak not in difficulty as a ‘punishment deserved’, a ‘taste of hell’ . It is important to ‘digest’ this difficulty and look it like an opportunity .

Opportunity for growth .

Humanity always went through difficulties ( take a look on the Nature : the animals and even the plants go through difficulties .. is something ‘natural’ ) . But unfortunately there are people making use of the innocence of others . Many ‘grown’ through the efforts of the weakest . This type of difficulty ( which a person do to another ) is part of rotten piece . Always been so and it can change . Needs change . And the time is now .
The time is perfect to grow .

Obviously I will not come under political or economic but in what is called ‘crisis’ can also be called ‘opportunity’ . Before each country was looking at the own center , almost indifferent to problems of neighboring countries . Now , suddenly , everything changed : all political leaders and all citizens are concerned about the future . Now the world leaders are focusing the same point , people are focusing on the same point . This event has great importance for the future . Unfortunately is named ‘crisis’ …
Fortunately the result is the UNION !
We are all more united than ever ! Great !

And now ?

First we must pray for our political leaders , ask God to send Light for thoughts of them . The policy is a real Art , when used in favor of progress generally .
Let’s pray to that all world leaders see the solution , and to appliy it properly , honestly , without profit nor selfish benefits … without hurting , without drama , without greed ,
without waiting for awards and trophies .
I wish that God enlighten the politicians of your country !

We are all equal , we are all part of one big family .
It’s a family ! And we are on a network , real and virtual . We have to keep the connections active . I speak of the connections of your heart and not of your pc . But your pc has so many power to help us with your words , your music , your art , your colours . We must do more friends . We must help people . We are all together on the same train .. the descent is steep and there is a curve at the end of the descent ..
but the road after the curve is flat .
So much attention is required now .

It is time to extend our hands to those who need .
It’s time to share our knowledge . It is time to articulate .
What matters is the joy .. to satisfy others , not profit .
You can be ‘rich’ without having US$10.00 on your pocket .
You can be swimming in money and be ‘poor’ !
The concept of wealth/poverty changed completely …

It is time to realize that we are all intelligent people and so we are perfectly capable of change this reality. The solution will be not shown now , not next week or next year . Many decades of abuse and spree , wrong acts and indifference . The bill came and the price is high . Now you must call your friends , neighbors and relatives to colaborate in the payment … But we are smart ! And all people deserve to find happiness . We must seek happiness. Yes , is about our own happiness but the foreign happiness is more important than ever . Remember : all people deserve to be happy ! All your friends , all your ‘half friends’ , all those that do not pay attention in you , all your competitors , all your neighbors , friends and all relatives of your neighbors, all your relatives , your boss , the boss of your wife, the boss of your husband, the boss of your son , the person that don’t to grett nobody , the person that not says ‘thank you’, the person says ‘I don’t want this’ for something you offer , the person who doubts you , the person who does not help others … yes, everyone, everyone deserves a happiness ! But wish the happiness from the deep of your heart . Time to be humble and altruist . Distribute your love , share what you have of better . But do it without fanfare , secretly , silently .

Yes .. we are intelligent but paradoxically fools. We can not understand , during all this time, that the greatest treasure we have is in front of our face : THE CHILDREN ! We must to provide THE BEST for our children . Children are the life , hope , the future . Yes let’s save the big business of the bankruptcy and concordats but let’s save our children from stupid and heartless people . The children deserve all care and respect . I’m not talking about your son , if you have . I’m talking about ALL children . They are the heirs of all that is here . Are children who have the real power in the hands ! They teach us about many things like simplicity , joy , life … They are the seed .
We must take care of this planting !
With much affection and tenderness , with very seriously and perception of the importance of our mission . No let the magic only for Christmas day . Do not let the fun only for Halloween . Let’s provide 365 days of magic and joy for our children and they will certainly to be adults much more enlightened , generous , careful and intelligent . Our obligation is to leave a better world than that we found when we arrived here .
God , please , protect our children !

So many technology , many natural resources , so many abundance , so many space , so many land , so many sea and so many sky ,so many intelligence , so many clarification, so many information … How we have reached this point ? How wrong was the way made nobody knows but the fact is that the bill is here for everyone . It is not time to blame .. not blame this or that country, this or that currency , this or that politician . Time to do the lesson ! We are not adults ? No we are enlightened ? We are not educated ? Do not read many books and newspapers ? So we must do this lesson and obtain the maximum score . We have this obligation . The future of our children is at stake . This is the most
important now. The opportunity arrived . The time is NOW .

The solution so obvious and simple that I said at the beginning is called just LOVE .
Love is so simple and so easy to share and spread .
Let’s love ….. to wish the best of the best for everyone .

Yes, there is hope . The sun does not continue rising ?
The wind still not blowing ? The birds do not continue flying and singing ? The flowers are blowning ? Children continue screaming , jumping and running ?
So there is life …….. let’s take care of the LIFE .

God , please , protect us .
God , please , bless us .